Consulting for Creatives

Services - Á la Cart: Tour Management, Record Release Strategy, Brand Creation, Day to Day Administration, Creative Counsel. 

Prices - Prices are generally negotiated and are on a month to month basis. Base line price $800.00

MGMT for Creatives

Description - Record Release Strategy, Brand Creation/Management, Day to Day Administration, Tour Routing/Advancement, Team Assembling Contacts, Music Sync Contact, Songwriter Contacts, Booking Agency Contact, Label Contacts, A&R, Creative Counsel and Coaching. 

Prices - Option available after a 90 day consulting trial at a 20% to 15% Gross Income Commission 



Current Clients

Ryan "Kid" Kennedy - Christian Singer and Songwriter

Past Clients

Andy Davis, Ten Out of Tenn, David Crowder Band, Amy Stroup, Jon McLaughlin, Ben Rector, K.S. Rhoads, Elenowen, Lucie Silvas, Ally Fallon, Doc. Ross Grant 

W/ BE Music MGMT & Chris DeTray - Dave Barnes, Matt Wertz, Marc Martel, Ivory Layne, All Sons and Daughters, Andrew Ripp, Rendezvous Music Festival